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Top Drawer Talent – About Us

Top Drawer Talent is a Dublin-based recruitment agency that specialises in placing high-quality professional talent into positions with our clients in the supply chain and procurement sector. This is a very exciting area of business as it always seems to be in a constant state of evolution.

We understand the different considerations that most companies need to consider with regards to supply chain and procurement including the likes of contingency planning, supplier rationalisation and cost reduction, particularly when you consider what Northern Ireland and the UK have faced in recent years.

Aside from the coronavirus pandemic that all areas of business are touched and affected by in some way, there have been other pertinent issues like extreme weather conditions, rising fuel costs, recycling, and sustainability, outsourcing and low-cost country sourcing. Companies are more focused than ever before on commercial growth and risk management.

That is why skilled supply chain and procurement professionals are very much in demand.

How Top Drawer Talent Can Help

In our capacity as specialist supply chain and procurement recruiters, we have a database of clients and candidates. It is our firm belief that our selection of candidates offers a wide range of transferable skills that are compatible with businesses in a wide range of industries.

We utilise an in-depth interview and screening process for our prospective candidates that allows us to ensure that all critical skills necessary for the range of roles and positions we recruit for are present. It is our job to match candidates with the right technical, leadership and engagement skills to the right opportunities.